2018 – Healing

We extend thanks and appreciation to Pam and Brian Pickford and Gina Breck from the Hook Healing Trust in Manchester, who have offered to provide Healing Training within our Church. More voluntary trainee healers are required and it is hoped that healing will eventually be reinstated within the Church. See church notices for our free scheduled training healing sessions- as volunteers are needed for our trainee healers to practice on under the guidance of Pam, Brian and Gina (no need to pre-book). Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a healer, please contact the Church for information.

Photos show:

Healing 1Healing 2

Pam Pickford (Hook Healing Trust President, Secretary, Treasurer and Healer)
Sharon Jones (President at Northwich SNU Spiritualist Church)
Rach Willmott (Trainee Healer at Northwich SNU Spiritualist Church)
Gina Breck (Hook Healing Trust Committee Member and Healer)
Sue Presley (Trainee Healer at Northwich SNU Spiritualist Church)
Brian Pickford (Hook Healing Trust Committee Member, Healing Group Leader and Trust Representative). Also featuring Susie the Guide Dog.


Monday 20th November (7.30 – 9 pm)